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Professional with a focus on business and customer service. Combining a wide range of skills, industry knowledge, and media brand awareness, exceptional customer relations skills are emphasized with a focus on professionalism.

Hello! Welcome to my social media and marketing portfolio. Here you will find an assortment of projects I have personally created. I have a wide range of experience from promoting my own personal jewelry business to Midas car care and holistic health and wellness. Please feel free to take a look around and contact me if you have any questions.

Doctor’s Health Press – Vaughn, Ontario Canada

My main purpose with this company was to develop, execute, and monitor marketing plans for direct and online marketing, providing direction and advice about how best to reach a target market. I was responsible for sending marketing emails, updating social media pages including Facebook and Instagram and uploading editorials through WordPress. To create more marketing buzz I also hosted the “Health Talk by Doctors Health Press” Podcast. I was also a health writer for online publications, including copywriting and ghostwriting for doctors.

Please view my profile on Doctors Health Press for writing samples and podcast episodes. *Please note: I am listed under my maiden name, Sarah Cownley

Below are some marketing emails I created that were sent to our list of over 70,000 subscribers.

Holistic Help – Arizona, US

My main focus for this Facebook group is to drive people to the site. Customer engagement is also welcomed, so I created a series of posts encouraging people to comment and leave questions on Facebook. More informational posts are created with the intent for people to share on their timelines. Images are also uploaded and maintained on Instagram and Pinterest.

Please visit Cynthia Perkins, Holistic Help Pinterest page to see my work that has helped her reach 93.4k monthly views

Breslau Massage Therapy Clinic – Breslau, Ontario Canada

This client hired me to create visually interesting posts for Instagram. I also provided keywords to be used for hashtags to go along with each image. This showed a large increase in her following and clients responded by booking sessions.

Alternatives for Alcoholism – Arizona, US

For this project, I was responsible for creating an online presence for the company. Creating graphics and following up with customer questions and comments.

Midas Car Care – Burlington, Ontario Canada

For this company, I was responsible for creating a social media presence and engaging in local community events. I created a marketing idea of having a local chocolatier create car shaped chocolates that would be given to all customers who had their car serviced. This helped to create a link between local businesses and started a very successful marketing program for the company.

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