I’m visiting Paris. Can you suggest places to see, eat, and stay?

Yes! Paris is a wonderful city where I enjoy discovering off the beaten track places.  I would be happy to share some of my favorite places with you!  Just email me at glimpsecreations@yahoo.com

I would like to hear more about Lesage.  Can you tell me about your experiences with the atelier?

I earned my certificate at Ecole Lesage in 2009 for Professional Haute Couture Embroidery and Beadwork.  I love to share my stories of my time spent there learning the craft.  Just email me with any questions you have!  You can also browse their classes and request information from Lesage on their website www.lesage-paris.com

Do you teach classes?

I have been teaching beadwork and PMC for 10 years and have recently started teaching Couture Embroidery and Kirigami.  I have taught classes in art centers, bead shops, scrapbooking/card making shops and even at city hall!  Please check my Show/ Classes section or email me for my upcoming class schedules.

Do you sell your creations?

Yes!  I sell my handmade items on my website www.glimpsebeads.com and in my Etsy Boutique www.etsy.com/shop/GlimpseCreations

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