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Hi! My name is Sarah and I am the face behind Glimpse Creations. I am an award winning jewelry designer and lifestyle blogger who recently spent 5 years living in Paris France. Here I will share my adventures in Paris, Fashion, Crafting and Food!

5 Ways To Add Some French Into Your Life This Summer

Even though I don’t live in Paris anymore, it doesn’t mean that I don’t try to incorporate some French into my everyday! I find myself living more of a Parisian style life especially in the summer months!  If you read my last blog post, you will know that I now live in the “The Paris of the South!” So, although I am not in Paris, France, I am in the next best place in the US.

Eiffel Tower

In Paris!

August is known in Paris as the month to kick back and relax. In fact, many Parisians vacate the city, and spend the month abroad, or in one of the many smaller cities to get a break from the hustle and bustle of Paris. I used to warn many people about visiting Paris in the month of August because you will often find that many of the street side cafes have stacked up their chairs, and posted a sign on the door telling bewildered tourists that they will be back in September. So why not take a cue from the Parisians, and enjoy the last month of your summer too!… the French way!

Below are my top five ways I fill my days with a little joie de vive! And how you can too!

Start Your Day Slowly

The French have a certain way in how they ease into their day. While we tend to hit the off button on our alarm clock and jump out of bed to check emails or turn on the news, they handle their morning routine very differently. The French enjoy their mornings before heading into the hustle of the day. You will often find Parisians sitting in a coffee shop sipping on a café crème, or simply enjoying a cafe (espresso). But you won’t see them on their laptops or cell phone checking their Facebook pages. They are either reading the paper, enjoying a good book, or simply staring out into the street, watching the world go by.

Eiffel Tower

So, your first step in adding some French into your summer is by easing into your day each morning. This may seem like a hard task especially if you have a long commute and early start or two kids jumping on your bed before you even get out of it. But, all you need to do is take 15 minutes for yourself in the morning. Try taking your coffee outside and sit on your porch to clear your mind before picking up your phone and checking your messages. Or, relax for a few minutes while you read a few pages of your favorite book before getting up and out of bed to start the day. If the French can find the time, then you should be able to as well. You will feel more relaxed throughout the day if you can find some time in the mornings to be centered and give meaning to the day. You will notice that French women never seem frazzled, and this is one of their secrets on how they stay so calm and relaxed.

Love With Abandon

There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer. There is a sensuality that runs through the veins of French people, and they are not afraid to show it. You will often see couples in Paris holding hands, kissing on street corners, and sitting side by side at restaurants. They are certainly not afraid to openly display it to whomever may be passing by.

Since summer is the time for lovers, why not show some added affection to your special someone. Next time you are out in public, try holding hands again like you may have when you were younger. Or rekindle that feeling of kissing in public when you were dating. Don’t be afraid to show your affection, the French certainly aren’t!

This affection isn’t just for lovers. The French are famous for their double kiss on the cheeks that friends and family share with each other. If you don’t feel comfortable kissing your friends, give them a hug. Studies show that touch can heal, and if your friend or family member is going through something, your subtle hug could help brighten their day!

Dress The Part

Living in Paris showed me just how much effort the French put into how they present themselves to the world. Even if I was just running into the grocery store in Paris, I would have to dress as though I was on the runway. This quickly became evident when my French boyfriend at the time looked at me in total shock when I wanted to wear my plastic flip flops to go and pick up a baguette at the corner bakery! Le Gasp! You cannot wear such shoes out in public he told me. It was then that I learned flip flops were for the homeless, and jogging/yoga pants were only appropriate at the gym.

The French really do care about what they wear, and use it as a form of self-expression as part of their culture. I got so used to dressing up everyday that when I would go back and visit Canada, I constantly had friends and family asking me why I was so dressed up!

But this isn’t a bad thing. I know that when I am having a rough day, a great outfit and perfect makeup and hair can make me feel as if I can accomplish anything. So, this summer, ditch your flimsy flip flops and old jean shorts and style yourself as a Parisian would. Just think simple and elegant, and you will notice how differently people react to you. A well put together woman will attract the most attention!

Paris Fashion Week

Dress like everyday is Paris Fashion Week

Ditch the gym

This may sound a little crazy, but you won’t find many gyms in Paris. So how do they stay so slim and in shape? They add movement into their daily life. I know I would walk everywhere in Paris, so if you are able to leave your car at home, try walking. It may be hard at first, but you will get used to it, and it will do wonders for your body!

You see, movement is just part of the French lifestyle. They walk, bicycle, take the stairs, play tennis, swim, and dance. These are all things that help them they stay in shape without the confines of a gym. So, this summer, free yourself from the machines, class schedules and instructors and enjoy the outdoors. Go to a local park and meet a friend for a game of tennis. During the week, take a walk at lunch with coworkers. This is a great way to enjoy your physical activity and make it more social!

Walking in Paris

Walking in Paris

Relax On Sunday

The first Sunday I was in Paris, I woke up, got ready and headed out to do a bit of shopping. But to my surprise NOTHING was open. Not even a grocery store!  I stood in utter amazement looking at the store hours posted on the window as I felt bored and alone with nothing to do on a Sunday. But I soon realized that Sunday’s in Paris would quickly become my most favorite day of the week.

Sunday is really a day of doing nothing but enjoying delicious food and spending time with friends and family. Parisian’s take this day to sleep in, slowly start their day and maybe head over to a park where they will meet up with some friends for a picnic full of wine, cheese and good conversation.

Coming from North America, I had forgotten how to slow down and take enjoyment in doing nothing. We are so focused on productivity and our overscheduled lives that I wasn’t used to just enjoying the day with nothing to do. But this truly is one of the most soul enriching experiences I had in Europe. I learned how to slow down and enjoy the moment.

So, if you want to experience the true French tradition, next Sunday act as though nothing is open. Don’t visit a store, don’t answer any emails. Get some wine, cheese and baguettes and go to a park with some friends. Enjoy conversation and interacting with people face to face instead of over social media. Just enjoy the day.

5 Ways to be more Parisian

My baguette and book in the park on a Sunday

If you couldn’t make it to France this summer, you can still get a Parisian feeling by following these 5 simple rules. Living in Paris for over 5 years really taught me the art of Parisian style living, and I still continue to follow these rules now that I live in the Paris of the South! Let me know in the comments below how you do at adding these steps into your life. Or if you have any other ways you add a little bit of French into your life!

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  1. savvysnowbirds September 5, 2018 at 2:08 pm #

    I loved this!!! I’ve been to Paris a couple of times and can completely relate to your post.

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