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Hi! My name is Sarah and I am the face behind Glimpse Creations. I am an award winning jewelry designer and lifestyle blogger who recently spent 5 years living in Paris France. Here I will share my adventures in Paris, Fashion, Crafting and Food!

Versace Mansion in South Beach

For those who follow my blog, you may have noticed that I have been silent for a while. That is because SO much has been happening and there were just not enough hours in the day!  However, I am back at my computer and back to blogging about Fashion, DIY, and my daily adventures.

First of all, I am no longer living in Paris.  After 5 years of living in the City of Lights, I moved back to Canada… but not for long!  I am now spending a few months at a time in the U.S. around various States and cities.  So far I have been staying in Austin Texas, Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington, and Orlando Florida.  Life is meant to be an adventure, and I seem to always live by that rule!

The past little while since I moved back from France, I have been able to do go on some amazing journeys and I would like to share some of the places and things I got to experience along the way.  The first place I will write about will be a fashion lover’s dream to visit.

While in South Beach, Miami I visited the Versace Mansion which has now been turned into an ultra luxury hotel.  The mansion itself is breathtaking, what little I could see of it from behind the brick wall that surrounds the house.  There is a small entrance way through the wall into the mansion where a podium and hostess stands waiting for the arrival of guests for the luxury restaurant which is also open on the main floor of the house.  I wanted to go in and at least have a drink, but after seeing the prices, I changed my mind!  I would just have to settle for taking a few photos around the outside of the mansion.

It is hard to believe that Gianni Versace was shot dead right on the front steps of the beautiful mansion.  Gianni was killed by a serial killer, and the reason for the shooting to this day is still unknown.


Me checking out the Versace Mansion

Today, the mansion is called Casa Casuarina  and has richly decorated suites featuring separate sitting areas, imported Egyptian linens, and Italian marble bathrooms. Some suites have balconies and pool or ocean views.  The amenities include 2 indoor lounges, a rooftop patio, and a 54-foot pool surrounded by mosaics and lined in 24-carat gold. Sounds like a place I could easy spend a night or two! 


The hostess outside the Versace Mansion


The gates at the Versace Mansion

Although the private property was officially renamed Casa Casuarina, locals still call the mansion by its most famous owner’s name.  It also seems like it is more of an attraction than a hotel as I had to wait my turn to photograph the front entrance of the hotel from other fashion interested tourists.  If you are in South Beach, I definitely recommend stopping by to take a photo of this piece of fashion history, or if you have a few extra dollars to spend, go and have a drink at the bar for me!




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