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Hi! My name is Sarah and I am the face behind Glimpse Creations. I am an award winning jewelry designer and lifestyle blogger who recently spent 5 years living in Paris France. Here I will share my adventures in Paris, Fashion, Crafting and Food!

Sleepless in Paris

The other day, my mom came across an article in a Burlington newspaper about a girl living in Paris who described her apartment as a “shoebox.” It caught her attention as my apartment could also be described as such. My little shoebox is just over about 12 square meters. This includes my kitchen and bathroom. My bed hangs from the ceiling, so I have to climb up a ladder each night to go to sleep. It is so close to the ceiling that I cannot sit up straight in bed, or I will bump my head. This bed is horribly uncomfortable, and since heat rises it is often extremely hot up there. This has accounted for many sleepless nights in Paris.
My toilet didn’t work properly when I first arrived, so I had to wait about a week for a plumber to come and fix it. My bathroom door doesn’t close all the way, so there is not much privacy anyway. Then, one day my front door somehow managed to drop so I was unable to lock my door. This meant that I couldn’t go out until my landlord came to fix it.
I also have some furry little friends in my apartment. My pet mice come up through the walls and out the holes in my bathroom, so I now push towels under my bathroom door at night to keep them out of my apartment. I didn’t mind them too much, until one night, one of them decided to climb into bed with me, and run along my leg!

As you can see from my picture, I have a stunning view outside my window of a concrete wall, and scary neighbors who party until early hours of the morning while singing and playing obscure instruments.
The good things about my apartment are that it takes about 10 mins to clean the whole apartment. You never have to go far to reach the kitchen or bathroom.
My apartment is located in the Marais district which is a lively area with lots of boutiques and cafes lining the streets. The Pompidou center is just down the street where there are lots of sights to see. Overall, I will miss my little “shoebox” when I move out at the end of this month. It has been quite an experience living in a true Paris studio in the heart of the Marais district. Below is a picture of the view from Thomas’ window where I will be staying. It is much better than my concrete wall!

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